The conference will take place in Dakar, Senegal. Dakar is the capital of Senegal and located at the extreme west of the Cape Verde Peninsula, on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean.
The Senegalese capital seduces first by its architectural heritage, vestiges of French colonization. Dakar is a cosmopolitan city with multiple treasures. From the tip of the Almadies to Cape Manuel, it vibrates to the rhythm of the waves, revealing its festive places, its cultural spaces and its colorful markets.
It is thus strongly influenced by the Southwest monsoon, wind coming from the Atlantic Ocean, very wet which brings rain. There is also harmattan, dry wind, neither hot nor cold. Temperatures vary according to the season: Dakar has a very mild climate, from November to April, with an average temperature of around 20°.

Conference Location

The A2C Conference will take place at:
UCAD 2 Conference Room, University Cheikh Anta Diop, Dakar.


Hotel Reservation:

Directions to Hotel

To get to the Hotel: Maison de l’Université :

From the AIBD Airport : (

  1. Take a Dakar Dem Dikk bus from the airport to downtown Dakar, Patte d’Oie, Grand Yoff (Bus terminus) 10 Euros 
  2. Take a black-Yellow Taxi from Bus Terminus to Maison de l’Université Hotel (or Terrou Bi Hotel) 5 Euros

Visa Information

The visa is free for severals countries: see this link for more infrmation:


Ousmane Ndiaye:

Laila Mesmoudi :


Some nice places in Dakar and around:


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